Upward trend in digital reporting

Upward trend in digital reporting

Good news from inland navigation: there continues to be an upward trend in digital reporting. The smaller cargo vessels are also contributing to this success.

Our ambition is for 80% of the fleet to make the step to digital reporting in the near future. The latest figures show that we are on track. The percentage of digital reports as a whole rose from 36% in December 2021 to 54% in March 2022.

How do you report digitally?

The smart communication platform eRIBa ensures that reported information is forwarded to the correct waterway authorities. As a skipper, you only need a PC with internet connection and reporting software, such as the BICS app.

We would like to thank all skippers who are already ‘on track’ digitally. If you have any doubts, please contact us at info@eriba-platform.be, or through www.eriba-platform.be.